Just heard an interview piece on the NPR Music podcast, episode “06-14-2008 Music”. Scott Simon interviews Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer/songwriter for the band Weezer. They discuss Weezer’s new album, “The Red Album”

Weezer - The Red Album - front cover

Listen to the 10 minute piece or read about it here.


Jersey Beat


Jersey Beat on Insurbordination Fest 2007

I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t aware of this punk rock festival! Ben Weasel was there doing songs off his new album “These Ones Are Bitter” as well as old stuff from Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales and some covers. Wimpy of The Queers did some of their old stuff. Mr. T Experience performed. Three of my favorite punk bands. I’ll have to watch out for Insubordination Fest next year.