Just heard an interview piece on the NPR Music podcast, episode “06-14-2008 Music”. Scott Simon interviews Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer/songwriter for the band Weezer. They discuss Weezer’s new album, “The Red Album”

Weezer - The Red Album - front cover

Listen to the 10 minute piece or read about it here.


There’s a nice article by Tom Sturges on the site Best Life Online, called “The Parking Lot Rules”.

I think it’s a good article for anyone raising children, not just for fathers. I especially liked rules 1, 9 and 10:
1. The Parking Lot Rules – When you place this rule in force, your children are to immediately stop goofing around, gather beside you, hold hands and pay attention.

9. The 90 Percent Rule – When a child tells the truth about misbehavior, the punishment is reduced by 90%. When they lie, the full punishment is handed out.

10. The “Yes” Not “What” Rule – When someone calls out to you, respond with “Yes?”, or “Yes, <insert name here>?” Don’t respond with “What?” because it is condescending.

Ira Glass is on twitter. My wife and I are fans of his weekly radio show “This American Life”. We saw a live performance a couple years back and the entertainment provided was captivating.
Ira Glass hosts Chicago Public Radio\'s weekly program, \