New Dilbert comic feed, and a Greasemonkey userscript


Yesterday I was reading my feed from Google Reader and found the images weren’t being rendered any more, so I visited to see what was going on. What an abomination! Flash scripts all over the place. And its not obvious how to see prev/next daily strips.

Fortunately I found a greasemonkey fix today.

Grab the No Flash Greasemonkey userscript written by Manuel Seeger over at

The userscript strips the flash from around the daily comic. What a godsend. BTW, it doesn’t work so well on the Sunday comic since its more than the standard 3 panel size. I posted a comment for the script in hopes of getting that fixed. At any rate, if you visit the dilbert site and can’t stand the flash, try the script.

Also, I recommend the new Dilbert daily comic strip feed for anyone who may be wondering what is wrong with the old feed.


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