A place for my thoughts and experiences on the web


Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. I used to believe it. I’ve been playing around with computers since my stepfather brought home an ADAM Colecovision in the mid-to-late 1980’s.

ADAM Colecovision

I have 30 pages of passwords in my Franklin Planner, dating back to 1999. With approximately 15 accounts per page, that comes to 450 passwords. Ridiculous. Whenever I need to find one I have to scan several pages before I find it. And 90% of those I’ve only used once or twice and now they are just wasting space. Where is my ubiquitous, secure, always-on, always-syncronized password management site?

At present, I have 629 feeds in Google Reader with 18312 unread posts. Surely there are some real gems nestled in there amongst a ton of other content I don’t care about. When will I be able to toggle an option to filter out only the content I’m interested in?

This blog will be a place for my thoughts and experiences in this global communication technology.


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